Technology forms the core of our business, enabling us to service a wide network of brand partners and process a large volume of orders. We rely on our proprietary technology solution to deliver millions of orders across the U.S market, in the fastest time possible. The complex business algorithm of our proprietary technology is the prime enabler of business value. Our system is well integrated with that of the entire ecosystem - brand partners, marketplaces and carriers - enabling a seamless flow of product and other data.

Comprehensive product listings and content optimization

Our technology is deeply integrated with that of marketplaces, allowing us to build and list detailed profiles of every product in our brand partners' portfolio. The content in every product profile is optimized to engage and convert customers. We add 1,000+ products of brands/day.


We manage a large volume of orders of a wide variety of products from their placement to delivery. Our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and systems enable seamless flow of orders in real-time from marketplace to brand partners and carriers. We perform Real Time Purchase Order & Invoice Processing with over 99% accuracy.

Efficient supply chain management

Strong integration with carriers' systems enables us to carry out fast and accurate deliveries. Our Artificial intelligence backed systems determine the most logical and efficient route for order fulfilment. Our systems execute live order Management & Shipment monitoring of over 200,000 SKUs.

Inventory Management

Our systems synchronize brand partners' inventory levels with the marketplaces and enable them to accurately forecast inventory requirements based on historical product trends and real time updates. Our robust technology enables us to manage inventory of hundreds of distributed brand locations.

Data analytics and insights

We keep our brand partners consistently informed of their key metrics backed by high quantum of data generated across business elements to aid them in their decision making.

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